Mercury Productions has had the honor of contributing to many projects and supporting many different causes.  Heartfelt stories that matter to a person are probably the most significant and gratifying work one can do - and I have been blessed with many of these opportunities.  Here are a few of them:

Diversity Education Videos

Shooting for the Shriners Hospital for Children project

Shooting for the Shriners Hospital for Children project

I was able to work with the Shriners Hospital for Children in Portland to produce a series of programs which promote diversity and acceptance for children and young adults with visible differences, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, amputations, neuromuscular conditions, cleft lip and palate, and burn scars.  These programs won many awards, but more importantly, supported children with these differences in the classroom and with various activities and endeavors they set out to achieve.  These programs then led to another series of projects supporting children with non-visible differences such as diabetes, hearing loss, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, hearing loss and neurofibromatosis.  I am humbled to this day by the courage these children exhibit.

The 50Films Project

Shooting a 50Films project

Shooting a 50Films project

50Films - an endeavor to produce 50 short films in a year.  I once witnessed an artist embark on and complete an exercise of producing 50 paintings in one year, and this has always stuck with me as something I would like to accomplish.  I feel that this level of commitment to an art form will only improve one's skills, and open up new ideas and opportunities.  For me, it also prompts me to find projects to do through various social networks.  I initially embarked on this project in June 2009, completing 35 films.

These programs are all produced at no charge. I have set 3 goals for this endeavor and they are to:

• Explore and develop new techniques, styles and skills in my craft
• Collaborate and create with other artists and people on projects
• Seek out stories of courage, beauty, community and personal meaning


If you have ideas of people or topics who would be interesting subjects

for a short film, please contact me

"Artist Response to 9.11"  opening title photo by Wolfgang Staehle

"Artist Response to 9.11" opening title photo by Wolfgang Staehle

Artist Response to 9.11

An international collaborative Video project

Co-producers Dana Plautz and David Decker, based in Portland, OR, created a documentary called "Artist Response to 9.11". Their intention was to capture the feeling that swept across the country within hours and weeks after the events of September 11th. This program is a time capsule of the initial responses within a week after the attacks. The subject matter is about how artists dealt with and reacted to September 11th. Footage and projects were gathered from around the nation and the world. Everyone who participated in this project, including the creators, volunteered their time and efforts to pull this program together within a three-month period.

The program contains interviews with 20 artists around the country and a sampling of projects ranging from printmaking, to painting; animation to web design; illustration to photography; video art to new media installation; collage to murals; and poetry to music. The program illustrates the important role that artists play in our society. The creators hope the documentary will evoke a message of hope for the future.

Many of the works in the documentary are long gone, such as the artwork that was painted on the construction site wall of the Smithsonian Art Museum renovation in Washington D.C.. This may be some of the only oral and visual history of what was happening in the country during that time.

After initially be shown on television and in several film festivals in 2002, the film is now available on YouTube for everyone to experience.

Learn more including credit list of those who contributed.