Dana Plautz, a graduate of Lewis and Clark College, spent 10 years in the Hollywood entertainment industry holding senior posts at Embassy Communications and Hanna-Barbera Studios. Followed by 13 years in high tech at Intel, Corp. specializing in the area of new media and emerging applications. During her tenure at Intel she also founded and chaired the Art and Entertainment Committee for the Intel Research Council.  She was a founding member of the Board of Directors of Eyebeam in N.Y. where she served from 1998 to 2007.  She is a regular conference speaker and her writing on the field of art and entertainment has been published in the Leonardo Journal and the ACM Computer in Entertainment Magazine to name a few. Plautz also has served on numerous art and education boards. She held a government appointment for 6 years as Chairman for the Oregon Film and Video Office. She is an accomplished video and web producer. Currently she is founder and partner of www.MrsP.com that won the American Library Association honor of "Great Web Site for Kids" along with The National Parenting Center 2009 Seal of Approval. 


Produced by Dana Plautz & David Decker

Directed by Dana Plautz & David Decker

Written by Dana Plautz

Music Composed and arranged by Greg Ives

Audio post-Production by Greg Ives, Aurastan Digital Post, Portland, Oregon

Edited by David Decker & Stevie Drake-Scudder

Oregon Director of Photography: David Decker

Bay Area Director of Photography: Robert J. Allan

Washington D.C. Director of Photography: Stanley Rose

Audio Engineer: David Barberis

Graphics: Tom Bennett

Voice Talent: Jodi Lorimer

Duplication: Allied Vaughn - Portland


Artist who appeared on camera:


    * Jocelyn Audette

    * Mark and Rae Mahaffey – Mahaffey Fine Arts

    * Victor Maldonado

    * John Sprietsma

    * Jenny Rideout

    * Anna Joyce Maldonado

    * Natalie Jeremijenko

    * Leah Jakusovszky

    * Victoria Vesna

    * Vibeke Sorensen

    * Brett Simon

    * Greg Niemeyer

    * Laura Baptiste, Public Affairs Officer, Smithsonian American Art Museum

    * Katie Murphy, Program Assistant, Smithsonian American Art Museum

    * Emily Winetz, Public Affairs Assistant, Smithsonian American Art Museum

    * Quentin Rankin, Paintings Conservator, Smithsonian American Art Museum

    * Tom Irion, Museum Specialist--Conservation, Smithsonian American Art Museum

    * Sarah Loffman, Curatorial Assistant, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution


Artist who contributed photos


    * Choire Sicha NY images

    * Wolfgang Staehle used in opening titles

    * David M Hudson of the Armory

    * John Sprietsma for Pioneer square images


Artist who contributed websites


    * John Melick, Blue Medium Inc. “I love NY Art Benefit” and David Zwiner, Carolyn Alexander, Carla Chammas, Curt Marcus , James Cohan

    * Here is NY, Catherine Lascoumes-Friedman

    * the ART project founded by Nina Meledandri

    * *Newsgrist | where spin is art* edited by Joy Garnett

    * Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, the Virtual Memorial Project

    * Ka-Ping Yee and Bob Sanders of UC Berkeley, the Safe Millennium

    * Brooke A. Knight, “One Day in New York, About a Month After the Attacks”

    * Jeff Gates, "Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place."

    * Bill Bartee, “WhyProject.org”

    * Jeff McMahon and Lance Gharavi, 911: Calling the Creative Community

    * John Morton, 911-groundzero.org

    * Margaret Weigel, re:constructions, a project of MIT's Comparative Media Studies Dep't.

    * Alex Galloway, Mark Tribe, and Robert Atkins, Rhizome.org "911"

    * Alan Lynes, ArtistCares

    * USC School of Cinema and Television Digital Animation department

    * Webarchivist.org

    * All of the many artists who contributed work on the websites used


Other artwork


    * Brett Simon – Untitled video

    * Artist of the Savage Gallery Artist Respond 9.11

    * Paintings by Jocelyn Audette and other contributors to "Art For America"

    * Frank Shifreen and the “From The Ashes” exhibit artists Gwynne Duncan and Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

    * Collages from Lincoln High School

    * USC School of Cinema and Television Digital Animation department students

          o Liz Blazer

          o Katallin Nivelt

          o Crisanto Briones

          o Dena Saville

          o Mahyar Abousaeedi

          o Yikuonj Chen

          o All USC images ©2001 University of Southern California

      A special thanks to:

          o Mary Easton and Rick Read, Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival footage from the Valley Art Association

          o Tracey Savage for use of her Gallery

          o Monica Lam for shooting the footage of Greg Niemeyer

          o Clay Graham for his encouragement and help

          o Nan Halperin for her inspirational email

          o Marybeth Smalley at Eyebeam

          o All of the artists who sent and shared their work

          o All of the family and friends who gave their support


      © 2002 Mercury Productions, Inc.

      All Rights Reserved


      Artist Response to 9.11