Game Footage to College recruiting highlight video:

Let me edit your game footage into a recruiting tool. I will help you collect all of the information and resources to produce a 3-4 minute highlight video from your footage. This includes:

  • Add visual animation marker to locate your player on the court

  • Edit clips based on your preferences (gathered in the process)

  • Send you a review copy/incorporate any changes you request

  • Upload to Youtube and/or send you a copy of finished program

  • Turnaround time about a week once we have all of the resources

  • Cost: $325

Check out the samples below.

David Decker may be based in Oregon, but word of his work on volleyball highlight videos reached us in New York and we’re glad it did. As a veteran of countless volleyball tournaments, David helped us organize our daughter’s highlights into an exciting package and made a number of great suggestions. He also set up a YouTube link for us which made distribution of the video very easy. Everything was done in less than a week. We will certainly be working with David again.
— Mercury Client, New York, NY
David Decker with Mercury Productions did a fantastic job on our son’s volleyball recruiting video. We sent him video clips taken from our cell phones and David turned them into a professional video!! The customer service was phenomenal, the production time was very fast and David helped us understand the process and gave us great insights. We knew very little going into this process and we were so grateful for his assistance. We will be contacting David every year for more updated videos. We highly recommend David Decker for volleyball recruiting videos. We have already recommended his video service to several volleyball parents!!
— Mercury Client - AZ
I found David to be very easy to work with and he produces a very professional product. He is very responsive and the video was delivered to me very quick. Highly recommend his services!
— Mercury Client, Seattle
I got it Dave thanks so much! I appreciate how fast you got it done. 5 Stars
— Shannon Heckman - College player going pro
You’ve been awesome to work with from our very first interaction. Your response time to my emails way exceeded my expectations. You answered all of my questions and I appreciate all of your suggestions along the way. Finally, It’s been a pleasure working with you and I couldn’t be happier with (our daughter’s) highlight video. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone I know looking to put a highlight video together for their athlete.
— Mercury client , PA

Volleyball Skills Videos!

Skills videos showcase talent associated with a players’ position, and enable players to showcase these skills in a short period of time. We work with one of your coaches and film you through a workout. This is available in Oregon and Washington, and other locations if there are enough participants - which also prompts group discounts. Here are some samples.


Volleyball Skills Videos:

(Oregon and Washington only)

Coaches are interested in seeing the mechanics of a player when they consider possible players for their rosters. Therefore, I produce skills videos. These videos present a number of drills at a player's primary position/s, showing how they move to the ball, their footwork, their receiving, passing and hitting etc., pertinent to the position.  I film the player at their position on both defense and offense, usually with a couple cameras rolling to show different angles of their mechanics.  I also shoot short interviews (optional but suggested) with the players to add a personal side to the videos.   

All of this footage is edited into a 3:00 to 4:00 minute program, which is sent to you for review.  Upon your approval, the skills video is uploaded to Youtube and you are sent a link to start using in your college search.  By hosting the video on Youtube, you can simply email the link to any coach you'd like to see your video. You can also choose to have your video listed as “public” on Youtube, where it is picked up by anyone searching for a player with your tag words (i.e.; "Libero", "Setter", "Outside" etc.), or keep it "unlisted" where only people with the link can view it.

Since we film in a fairly controlled environment, we can showcase many skills in a short amount of time, which is crucial for promoting a player to a coaching staff. 


Online production includes shooting, editing, one review, and uploading to Youtube:
Individual: $350
Group Discount (3-5 players): $295 per player


Adding existing game footage you have - let’s chat!
Additional shoots: $200 (2 hour maximum)
Additional editing beyond package: $75 per hour

The Fine Print:

I have taken myself out of the organizing loop, and leave all the procurement of the court, equipment, personnel, and any corresponding fees, etc. - to the party or organization interested in the videos.  If you have a particular coach you work with, it might be a good idea to have him or her there. You will need a coach type person to run drills and hit balls to your player/s, and may need an additional player such as a setter for hitting. Once scheduled, I show up and do my part.

Additionally, a medical and liability release must be signed prior to filming, which I will provide you.

Special Indoor Opportunity:

There are some fine establishments locally which may offer a location for your player's video shoot - especially if you train there. I am happy to work with your coach to accommodate the process and help get your player's video done. Sometimes this can be a school gym/coach or a club facility/coach.

I do have a special connection with The Courts, and their facilities are great places to shoot these - especially in off-hours where we might have much of the facility to ourselves. This makes a difference in the sound (audio) production value, when there are not other balls bouncing and whistles blowing. Please contact The Courts if you are interested in utilizing their facility and experience, or give me a call and I can put you in touch with them.

“They were very responsive and did a fabulous job.”
— Recent recruiting video client