Burgerville LLC said:

”Because Dave does an amazing job for us!! He’s always committed to our needs and we LOVE working with him and would recommend him to anyone!”

Employee Training, Online Education & How-to Videos

Video provides an efficient & cost-effective method of training and educating a target audience. Video allows for self-paced learning and review; Accompanying text, group discussion, and tests enhance this effectiveness. Delivery can be via the web, intranet or DVD, and programs can be leveraged to address a variety of audiences and languages.

We produce training programs for a wide variety of our clients. We will work with you to coordinate an effective method to deliver your curriculum in a dynamic and memorable way. We have had a lot of fun with these in the past, and our clients have been very satisfied with the outcome and effectiveness of the programs.

My work for Burgerville, Hewlett Packard and Georgia Pacific is all proprietary in nature.

“I worked with Dave to produce educational products for Hewlett Packard. Dave brought in state of the art technology and work methods that enabled us to produce higher quality material. Dave and his staff have a way about them that quite simply...produces great results with no fuss. Well worth the money, very creative, and cutting edge. If you are considering working with Dave, I would recommend telling him what your problem is rather than what you want as an end product. My experience has shown me that Dave will come up with solutions that are more effective than what I would have initially specified to him. He solves problems.”  

Joe Hesch, HP  January 14, 2009

“Dave Decker has consistently provided outstanding results for my employee communication projects at HP. I have used his services multiple times to create high impact video programs to promote the adoption of new tools and processes. His work and creativity have consistently exceeded my expectations. His work educates, entertains, and engages my audiences. Over the years, I found him to be one of the easiest video producers to work with and I highly recommend him.”  

Steve Andress, HP  March 2, 2009


“We asked Dave to help us to create training tapes for our course leaders. He worked with us over a period of 8 years taping raw footage of our courses with various course leaders. He had an invisible but competent presence in the course room with our participants that did not detract from the processes, and people's experiences. He is a delight to work with. My course leaders have been able to use the raw footage to assist in their mastery of the material and in their own learning. We are now in the creative process of putting the raw footage into some edited formats to further leverage our library. I would highly recommend Dave for any project you have in mind. He is all about service, clarity and impeccability.

Jill Taylor, The Taylor Group, Inc.” January 22, 2009

Purdy - a high-end paint brush and paint roller manufacturer - brought Mercury Productions in to consult with and film a series of product training events and manufacturing plant tours. These were all filmed in HD and 4K, and sent off to an edit facility the client had worked with in the past for editing.  We provided the raw footage on a hard drive, as well as timecode window overlay of the footage for our client to review and make edit decisions with prior to editing.