You are the expert!  We collaborate with you to plan your project.

Based on our discussion, I will provide you a range of budget production scenarios. Once agreed upon, we will fine-tune all aspects of the project pre-production including project goals, target audience, scripting and scheduling. 

I always look to leverage your production resources to provide you a better ROI.


We shoot and Gather all of the Images for your project.

Based on your planning choices, we shoot and gather all of the production materials preparing for the edit.  Many times during production, we receive production "gems" we weren't planning on, which we keep for possible integration.

We have many specialty resources available to accomplish your goals.


We edit your project, integrate your feedback, & polish it for delivery.

Editing is one of my fortés.  I whittle down the footage to a rough-cut, and then share it with you.  We collaborate and then integrate your feedback into the edit  as we move towards a final master. 

Services include a final master for your uses, and uploading to web if requested.