Marketing, Branding & Sales Videos: A Perfect Presentation Every time

A marketing video offers a perfect presentation of your product, brand or service to your customers - every time. These programs often run 5 - 8 minutes in length, and easily dovetail with current or new marketing campaigns. Marketing and promotional videos are easily leveraged for web and event delivery.

While one video is often the goal, many clients opt to produce variations of programs for different audiences or purposes, such as programs in different languages or for an event.  This is very cost-effective because it can utilize a core program for a variety of audiences. The different versions usually add an audience specific introduction and narration,  and some appropriate footage. Trade show programs can also be leveraged from this core as well, providing you the most efficient and cost-effective method of producing multiple videos.

"I’ve had David Decker do a total of four product videos for several of my clients, and both they and I have been extremely pleased by his work. Beyond his obvious camera, directorial and post-production abilities, David’s experience, judgment and communications skills has been invaluable in planning and delivering complex projects. I’ve come to rely on his opinion, and am typically glad I did. I’ve never been disappointed in the final product or the work process. Plus he’s a great guy and easy to deal with. Simply put, using David is a no-brainer for me."

Peter Fraser - Peter Fraser Design