Fundraising Videos: Connecting with your Potential Donors

A fundraising video is an excellent vehicle to present specific and important information to your prospective donors in a non-threatening environment. A video program works well as a companion tool in part of a capital campaign, and opens the doors and hearts to many potential donors.

Video can be a very emotional medium ... very effective for tugging on the heartstrings of your audience.

Fundraising videos can be presented to groups of any size at live fundraising events, can be emailed to individual potential donors, and can be showcased on a website or social media for visitors anywhere in the world.  Programs can highlight major points of a campaign, provide a vehicle for an emotional appeal, and lay the groundwork for a donation invitation and acceptance.

Jesuit High School, located in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 1956 by the Society of Jesus and continues the 465-year tradition of Jesuit education. Jesuit High School, honoring the spirit of St. Ignatius, charges less tuition than the actual cost of education, as well as providing financial aid to those in need. The "gap" or deficit in the budget is met by the generosity of many donors.

I have had the honor of contributing to the annual Jesuit High School Auction many times - helping craft a story of change and relevance to the impact the school is having on it's students, the local community, and the world.  This year we focused on the Jesuits who live and teach at the school as part of their calling.  This video was the presented at the auction prior to an opportunity to contribute to the general fund.  (I should make a "director's cut" as there was so much good footage on the cutting room floor!).

This video was developed for Lewis & Clark College to be shown at a Philanthropy Leadership Dinner Event.  The video was choreographed with other personal presentations that evening to show deep appreciation for a successful campaign.

David Decker was a delight to work with on a recent film-editing project: Highly skilled, responsive to input, reliable and trust-worthy, and friendly and gracious all the way.
— Tom Krattenmaker, Lewis & Clark College.  January 15, 2009

One of the events which specifically targets financial aid for students in need, currently one in four students, is the annual financial aid luncheon.  This video was part of the luncheon presentation at Jesuit, along with presentations by students, the principal, and a moving story of faith and support by Alberto Salazar.