The phone rang on Wednesday morning and the person on the other end was in search mode for someone to help them out with a video. They had called KTVA Productions, and my friend Rick was out of town, but had given them my number.

This young woman was preparing for her father's memorial service the next day, and the funeral home was not able to present the video she and her family had done, because it was not on a DVD. The funeral home needed a DVD that day.

Fortunately the stars were aligned, as both she and I were going to be in the same part of Portland within 30 minutes. We made arrangements to meet, and she gave me her thumb drive with the video on it. I asked about the technical needs, if they would like any additional copies for family, and what they would like printed on the disk. She asked how much this would be, and I quoted her a very nominal fee. She asked if that was the price for each disk, and I said no, for everything. It brought tears to her eyes, as she was expecting yet another out of pocket expense.

I was able to create DVDs for this family. I even made a few adjustments on the video to help with the presentation. As I watched and quality-checked the final video, I was able to get a good sense of her father and their family. The images were full of love, laughter and fun family times.

Three hours later, I met her and her family in the same parking lot and gave them the discs. My heart went out to them – having been through the same loss – and they were tearfully grateful, paying me more than the fee we had discussed, and giving me a big hug.

Early on I had wrestled with what fee to charge for this, and the nominal fee turned out to ring true in my heart and in theirs. The brief connection with these people, and knowing that I had helped them out in a time of need was gratifying.

Finding meaning in my projects, for all clients, is a big part of why I produce videos. Whether it's helping promote education for our children, helping employees learn to better serve customers and communities, or helping organizations fundraise for causes which help make this world a better place – these are some of the things which make my job joyful and meaningful.

Thank you!