Sanibel Island swell - photo by Dave Decker

Sanibel Island swell - photo by Dave Decker

I recently watched a TED broadcast of Stefan Sagmeister where he talked about his approach to refreshing his creativity. Every 7 years, he takes a one-year sabbatical to explore new ideas, designs, and projects.  Many people have generated ideas and product designs during these sabbaticals (Post-it notes is one that comes to mind).  Google, IBM and progressive companies offer sabbaticals to their employees for good reason.  Stefan Sagmeister spent his last sabbatical in Bali working on a variety of projects - and I thought that sounded right up my alley (I could also learn to surf!).

The reality of this approach is that it is not realistic for me to spend a year in Bali not working!  But I started thinking that this 50Films project has really offered me some of the same opportunities as a sabbatical might (other than the obvious requirements of actively running a business!).  I have been able to explore new ideas, new editing and shooting techniques, and have the freedom to craft a project as I’d like.

While working on some of these 50Films programs, I have explored some new editing techniques and workflow procedures which will be integrated into my coming work.  I am actively loading up my next program which is already shot to start editing, and am figuring out the scheduling for my next projects.  

So rather than Bali, the rainy season is here in Portland and I continue on my working sabbatical - 50Films.  The surfing will have to wait.