Baseball College Recruiting Videos

Do you need a video to send to a college coach who is asking about your player? Are you trying to catch the eye of a program out of the area? Online video is a great solution for this, and Mercury Productions offers a premium video production service to develop a custom skills video for your player.

I have found that coaches are interested in seeing the mechanics of a player when they consider players for their rosters. Skills videos showcase a player in a number of drills at that player's primary position/s, showing how they move to the ball, their footwork, their throwing etc., pertinent to the position.  I shoot video of the player taking batting practice, usually with a couple cameras rolling to show different angles of their swing and mechanics.

I also shoot short interviews (optional but suggested) with the players to add a personal side to the videos.   I then edit these together into a 3:00 to 4:00 minute program, let you review it, upload it to Youtube once you give the green light, and send you a link. By hosting the video on Youtube, you can simply email the link to any coach you'd like to see your video. You can also choose to have your video listed as “public” on Youtube, so it is picked up by anyone searching for a player with your tag words, or keep it "unlisted" where only people with the link can view it.

Since we shoot in a fairly controlled environment, we can showcase many skills in a short amount of time, which is crucial for promoting a player to a coaching staff. I offer both indoor and outdoor production.

A  seasoned coaching friend told me,

there is a place for everyone to play.

Online production includes shooting, editing, one review, and uploading to Youtube and/or supplying you a copy of the video:
Individual: Regular pricing - $425
Group Discount (3-5 players): $375 per player

I have taken myself out of the logistics loop of the process as it's generally more efficient to work with the player's community.  Players and families generally have better access to fields and equipment than I do, and it's often a home field or facility where the player is used to playing.  We generally need bases, balls and a L-screen.

It's ideal to have a coach your player is familiar with to throw bp and hit fungo to him in his position/s as needed, as the coach knows how to showcase his skills, and can make coaching adjustments in the moment if needed.  (It's a nice gesture to provide some form of payment to a coach helping out).

The last part of the equation is having any additional players on hand to be able to showcase the skills of a player (ie: a pitcher needs a catcher, a catcher needs someone on second base to throw down to, middle infield need someone to throw to on first base, etc.).  If you are thinking about getting a group together to be more cost effective, the group can often cover many of these positions (except a catcher for a pitcher in my opinion).

Once scheduled, I show up and do my part.

Additionally, I will send a release form, an information sheet and some additional resources to support us all in this process.

Being proactive in the recruiting process can help you narrow your focus to what is the best fit for you.

Editing existing game footage you have: contact me
Additional shoots: $200 (2 hour maximum)
Additional editing beyond package: $75 per hour
DVD production, full color printing with stats on disc, simple menu(10 DVDs): $75

Special Indoor Opportunity:
There are also some fine indoor establishments locally which may offer a location for your shoot - especially if you train there. I am happy to work with your coach to accommodate the process and help get these videos shot.
Some of the fine baseball programs which may offer a facility include:

Mound Time Baseball
The Bat Company
Athletes in Motion
Portland Baseball Club

“One of the scouts mentioned he thought the video showed off his skills well and one college coach came back with an immediate response which I imagine the video prompted.”
— A Mercury Client
“Wow, great video!”
— Pac-12 Coach

Sample of edited customer footage